Bench or Tree Memorial


Step 1.Select your preferred park

Please note the park and placement of the bench or tree requires approval from the City of Orlando’s Parks Division Manager.

See a list of Orlando parks

Step 2.Decide on what type of memorial you would like

Memorial tree 

Memorial trees come with a framed certificate.  Trees are $450 each and come in the following species (final approval of variety and location to be approved by the division manager):


Live Oak


Nutall Oak


Winged Elm


Pink Tabebuia


Park bench 

Benches come with a memorial plaque. Benches may replace existing benches on bench pads in a city park that currently do not have a plaque.  

Benches come in two styles:


Classic Orlando: $1,750


Premium: $2,250

Step 3.Request a memorial tree or bench in a city park

In your request, we'll ask you for your address and dedication. Bench plaques are limited to 3 lines, 35 characters per line. Plaque wording must be pre-approved.

Request a memorial tree or park bench

Step 4.We will contact you

We will contact you and if your application is approved, will send you information on how to pay.