The Orlando Community & Youth Trust, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to support the mission of the City of Orlando Department of Families, Parks, and Recreation (FPR). Programs and activities funded by the Trust enhance the quality of life for youth, families and senior citizens living in the City of Orlando.

Example of programs supported by the Trust include after school, academic, arts and athletic activities serving children residing in the City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Also programs that support the environment, including the acquisition, development and improvement of public park land and the planting and protection of trees.

For additional information about the Trust, please visit our profile on the Central Florida Foundation website.

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Orlando Community & Youth Trust, Inc.
General Donations

The Orlando Community & Youth Trust, Inc. (Trust) is a non-profit organization that supports the mission of the City of Orlando’s Department of Families, Parks and Recreation. Since September 1994, the Trust has encouraged, promoted and provided for the community’s youth and culturally diverse population through educational, recreational, cultural and neighborhood building activities.

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Lake Eola Swan-A-Thon

Help us in caring for our Lake Eola Swans.

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Parramore Kidz Zone

Parramore Kidz Zone aims to reduce juvenile crime, teen pregnancy, and high school drop-out rates in Orlando’s highest poverty, highest crime neighborhood, and ultimately replicate this model in other Orlando neighborhoods also struggling with disproportionately high rates of juvenile crime, school failure and teen pregnancy. PKZ is achieving this by investing in things that make a difference in children’s lives – such as quality early childhood education, after school programs, programs that build family economic success, youth development programs for teenagers, access to health care, mentoring and more.

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Red Tie Golf Extravaganza, District 6

Each year, Commissioner Samuel B. Ings (District 6), hosts the Red Tie Golf Tournament. The proceeds benefit the children and senior community programs in District 6. Donations are accepted in addition to playing during the golf tournament.

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My Brother’s Keeper Orlando

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a national initiative created to help address persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men of color. MBK aims to ensure all young people reach their full potential. In 2014, the City of Orlando joined the national initiative and has been implementing a cradle-to-career strategy for improving life outcomes among Orlando’s boys and young men of color.

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Parks Division

The City of Orlando’s Parks Division provides citizens with places to enjoy green spaces, lakes, gardens and more. Parks programs include GreenUp Orlando, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, Lake Eola Park and Park of the Americas.

Parks Programs
Program Supported:
pet memorial greenwood

Greenwood Pet Memorial Plaque

Located near the dog friendly area, at the end of Elmwood Street – East of Mills Avenue, a bench has been placed overlooking Lake Greenwood and Greenwood Urban Wetlands. Custom engraved plaques pay tribute to our beloved pets. You can order a permanent plaque for your pet through the City of Orlando.

Plaque Size
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Lake Eola Fountain Souvenirs

In July 2011, the Lake Eola Park fountain, the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain, underwent a $1.6 million renovation after a direct lightning strike in 2009 rendered the fountain inoperable. Fountain enthusiasts and collectors can buy souvenir pieces of the old fountain, accompanied with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Lake Eola Souvenirs
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Recreation Division

The City of Orlando’s Recreation Division works to meet the needs of recreational interests and of the growing community. To meet these needs, the division offers Orlando citizens high quality recreational, fitness, cultural and educational facilities and programs. Donations to support these efforts are always welcome.

Recreation Programs
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the freeman project

The Freeman Project

Clean Up and Spruce Up Al Coith Park

dueling dragons

Dueling Dragons of Orlando

Dueling Dragons’ mission to use the sport of dragon boating to form long-term mentoring relationships between Orlando police officers and inner-city youth.